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Mr. Marvin Ponciano

Former Technical Project Manager at
Google Asia Pacific
IT Demand Manager at TalkUs Philippines

“To this day, I appreciate where I am and what I do. I still very much believe that I wouldn’t be in the place I am today if I weren’t in CTS-C, a small school with a big heart  and wonderful people who are just like a family. Teachers are welcoming and encouraging who have made my whole college life so rewarding and challenging. They Believed in my leadership abilities, so I was voted President of the BSECE and Supreme Student Council, and I have never failed to meet their standards. The knowledge and experience that I have right now as IT Manager has been planted by my wonderful teachers. So I’m making it a point to stay connected to some of them. Wherever success takes me, I am always proud to be a “TEXIAN.” And I’m never going to cut my affiliation to my Alma Mater.”